Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Valuable College Lecture

On the columbus imPRessions blog, we can always find ways to relate anything to Marketing & PR, but I am not even going to bother with this one (although the subject did become an internet sensation... ahhh the power of viral marketing and passion points!)

Anyway, last night I finished the book, The Last Lecture, and just had to pass the word on to our numerous blog readers... Of course, if you have not heard of Randy Pausch and his incredibly inspiring lecture, you are clearly living in a hole with no tv or internet. (So, how is it that you are reading this post?)

After he was told his pancreatic cancer was incurable and he had only months to live, Randy gave his "last lecture," which is about achieving your childhood dreams. But there is so much more to his lecture, things that only a dying man's perspective can share. There are numerous cliche pieces of advice, but they mean so much more coming from him. Some examples that personally touched me: Have fun (life is short!), failures can be the best lessons, loyalty will get you places (karma), and stop complaining!

So my point is, read it.

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