Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes Word of Mouth Marketing Really Does Work!

Last week we got together with some of our good friends for dinner, drinks and delight! During dinner conversation our good friend Karri, who works for a local ad agency, started talking about one of her clients - Zone Perfect Bars.

Discussing the unique ways they are creating awareness and marketing for this product - attending some of the coolest events across the country (beginning with Sundance Film Festival in January and ending at the Boston Head of the Charles Regatta in October), creating an interactive Music to Your Mouth web site, as well as having a nutrition program - made me curious. Yes, word of mouth marketing worked. I not only visited the site, she got me blogging about it too! Perhaps Engauge should consider giving this woman a raise!

But, will this make me want to buy the product? It sure made me play around on the web site - be sure to visit tomorrow. I promise a posting you won't want to miss!

Reading all the product info, seeing nutritional benefits, and learning that the product is created by a hometown company - Abbott got me seriously considering a purchase. But what hooked me was the brand values of this product. By taking their product on the road and partnering with some of the coolest and unique events in the film, art, and music industry they are defining their coolness spreading the message of a happier and healthier lifestyle that their product provides. I like the vibe, they make me want to feel cool, happier and healthier too.

Next time I'm at the grocery I'm definitely going to buy a box or two of Zone Perfect Bars - the new dark chocolate bars sound like a winner!

Remember to come back tomorrow to check out our post.

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