Saturday, August 2, 2008

Be on the Lookout for the 7-foot Brutus

Before you know it, we will all be yelling O-H to stop and wait for someone to yell back I-O (which doesn't take very long). In just four quick weeks all of Columbus will be wearing scarlet and gray cheering for our Buckeyes along side the cheerleaders and Brutus.

Brutus, the beloved Buckeye mascot sure knows how to get the crowd all fired up. He is one of the great Ohio State University brands. Over the years Brutus' look has changed quite a bit. To see some of his past looks click here.

Now Brutus is taking on another different look - that of a seven foot tall concrete statue. The Brutus on Parade project is a fundraiser for the campus library and a scholarship for future cheerleaders.

The concept:
To commission out blank cement Brutus statues that local artists personalize and donors purchase at a price tag of $10,000 - $20,000, depending on whether they want to keep the statue at the end of the parade or not.

The goal:
Create 250 statues to raise $1 million dollars.

The parade:
Start in early August 2008 with Brutus statues displayed all throughout Columbus.

The reality:
Due to a tough economy only about 40 statues have been commissioned and only $100,000 is expected to be raised. Nonetheless, some money and awareness has been raised. Plus, these cool pieces of art give Columbus something unique to display in the city.

Some of the Brutus statues include Christopher Columbus, Jim Tressel and as you can see below, Woody Hayes and E. Gordon Gee.

Go Bucks!

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