Friday, August 8, 2008

Four Reasons Why You Must Market Your Non-Profit

There are four simple, straight-to-the-point reasons why you must market your nonprofit organization:
  1. Build Awareness
  2. Drive Traffic
  3. Drive Sales
  4. Create Community
Wait a minute, these words sound like they should be used for running a business. Well, a nonprofit may have a big heart, but in order to have the matching wallet it must think and act like a business. So, in order to wrap your arms around this concept, think of a donor as a customer and a donation as a sale.
  • By building awareness you get customers to know about you. This can be done through advertising, publicity, word of mouth, etc.
  • By driving traffic existing and potential customers are lured to your organization. Get them to see it in action or have them experience the action.
  • By driving sales, new customers will give money and existing customers will give more
  • By creating community you build relationships with your customers. This will build retention and loyalty.
Create marketing strategies using these four points and your organization will come up a winner every time.

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