Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hamptons Moving in to the Old Estradas

After months of stalking my old King Ave stomping grounds trying to figure out what was going to happen to the Estrada's property, the mystery has been solved.... Hampton's on King. B. Hampton's, formerly located a few blocks away on 3rd Avenue, will now reap the benefits of the old Estrada's patio.

For me personally, this is a bittersweet change. I was the longest employed worker at Estrada's through college and afterward, and will always cherish the 8 years I spent learning from and having a blast with my other dad, Ray Estrada. Ray passed away in March of 2007 after a disastrous house fire. The strange part of this story (well actually there are many strange parts) is that a few years ago Ray asked me to help him spruce up the place to increase the winter-time business. We walked down to B. Hamptons to have a few beers and take notes on the scene; clearly Hampton's was doing something right. The next day we painted the dining room mahogany, hung up art and did our best to create a bar atmosphere. It looked great but still maintained the hole-in-the-wall feel that people loved (and many hated).

I came very close to taking over the restaurant after it became too much for his son to handle, so it's hard to see it become someone else's. But at the same time, Hamptons on King seems to fit well.

Now, if only they hired columbus imPRessions to help get some exposure- the ideas are already flying .. a VIP opening for neighbors, a grand opening, a story in the local papers, advertising, internet marketing... this is a project that I could really be passionate about. It would be such a story-book ending to my Estradas days, that I would be compelled to actually write a book.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I have so many memories there. I'll be curious to see what Hamptons does with the place.
Makes me want to check out 222 and see if my bedroom walls are still four different colors as I painted them.

Stoops said...

It will be hard to walk in there and not see the murals, the old pool table, the 22 ounce Coronas, and the fun wait staff. It would be nice if Hamptons made some sort of homage to the original owner. Adios.

T3FLON said...

The grand opening is tonight!