Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympic Athletic Brand

The Olympics are in full swing and the USA is collecting medals!!

Watching the games got me wondering what Athletic Brand was the most popular among the athletes.  A little viewing and a little research led me to the answer. . . .

Over 3,000 athletes, 16 national Olympic committees, 214 national Olympic associations, over 100,000 volunteers, officials, employees, and all of the torch-bearers around the globe are wearing Adidas sports gear.  43 different types of shoes are being produced just for the games.

German company Adidas started its Olympic tradition back in 1928 with founder Adi Dassler manufactured shoes for the Amsterdam Olympic games.

Fun fact . . . in the last summer Olympic games (Athens 2004) every second gold medal went to athletes wearing Adidas.  It's no wonder they are the brand of the Olympics.

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