Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Political Time

Between now and November 4th we will get our fill of political talk, ads and images. Since the parties national conventions are happening within these next two weeks, we thought it would be interesting to look at the two brand images created for the national conventions.

The circular design features the silhouette of a triumphant elephant, a Party symbol dating back to 1874, along with the names of the host cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The design is said to highlight the spirit of the party. It will be seen on everything for the venue, to t-shirts and all souvenirs. was designed by New York City-based Creative Director Robert Matza.

Incorporating red, white and various hues of blue, the Democratic design reflects the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain West that is home to the 2008 Denver Convention. The majestic mountain skyline and star-filled horizon that are characteristic of Denver and the entire Rocky Mountain region are reflected in the logo to demonstrate that view. Student artists Stuart Confer and Nathan Zehr designed the logo.

What do you think? Any preferences? We'd love to hear your comments on these images.


Anonymous said...

I think that the two images appropriately represent their respective party. The Rep design is relatively traditional and conservative; the Dem design is a bit modern and edgy.

Patrick said...

I think Ali made an interesting point in the difference in the two. I thought it was odd that the Democrats did not acknowledge the city in their logo.