Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Paper Could Get A Little Lighter

All of you who love to get the Sunday paper to see the circular ads and find out what is going to be on sale for the week might end up feeling a little disappointed.

This week retailers JC Penny and Kohl's announced they are evaluating their newspaper insert circulation strategy.  With advertising budgets tighter than ever retailers are looking to cheaper on-line programs and more measurable, targeted direct mail strategies.  Print insertion will begin to decline which could make the Sunday paper a bit lighter.

However, Walmart, who is sporting a new logo and is focusing their messaging on value, is spending more on circular advertising than last year.  They seem to be successful.

Maybe it's more about the messaging than the circular.  In tough economic times people want to know their money is going toward a good value.  The moral of today's post - messaging is key!

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