Saturday, August 16, 2008

World's Largest Oreo Cookie Dunk

Grabbing people's attention, especially with outdoor advertising is becoming more like a publicity stunt.  To get customers attention creative measures are being pushed to the extreme. 

For example, in London Right Guard Deodorant recently launched a gorilla marketing campaign sending a team of people onto subway trains with tiny video screens in the armpits of their shirts. Whenever one of them reached up to hold on a commercial for Right Guard would play in someone's face - they called it "pitvertising." Jolly clever ole' chap!

We like the giant Oreo dunking into a glass of milk.  A giant Oreo was placed on the side of a glass elevator in Manhattan.  A large glass of milk was placed on the bottom of the elevator shaft.  Every time the elevator went down it dunked into a glass of milk.  Clever, and as you can see from the Youtube video it caught quite a bit of attention.   This could have been a great situation for a fusion marketing campaign - "got milk" and "Oreo".  Even though this campaign ran for one day it continues to rung strong capturing views on the Internet.

Has anyone seen any interesting outdoor campaigns in Columbus?  Comment on one of your favorites.

Special shout-out and thanks to Patrick for sending this posting tip!

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