Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Boo - Just a Little Earlier

This year marketers are banking on Halloween earlier than ever.  Halloween decorations, candy and home decor can already be found in stores and on-line.  Why so early, because Halloween is a very lucrative time of year.  Last year alone, Halloween generated $5.07 billion (yes, B as in Billion).  It is estimated that Halloween candy sales will jump another 2.8% from last year.  We don't see any tricks there, just plenty of treats!

Want to help out a non-profit this Halloween?  Purchase a "green" Halloween treat bag from Ballard Designs and they will give a portion of the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  The tote costs $12.00.  It's worth it when you know some of the money is going to help children and the jute bag is another way to go green and help the environment.

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