Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frozen in Time

Because of the power outage all the news talk has been about electric, closings, how long it takes for your food to go bad, downed power lines, people in the dark, etc. etc. etc.

When the news is all about one big topic you might think getting 
attention in the media is impossible.  Think again.  

Take Whole Foods for example.  Sure they lost food and money because of no power for refrigeration, but so did other grocery stores.  That's unfortunate, but not a unique story. What they did to get media attention is brilliant.  They also created a good situation and helped many people in the process.

Last night and today, Whole Foods at both Columbus locations gave out free ice - 50 lbs. to each person so residents could try and save some of their food.  They also gave out free coffee. Also important.  I certainly missed my fresh java every day when I didn't have power.

People lined up for their ice and coffee.  News crews lined up to capture the story.  They got attention from the media.  They helped others.  The perfect formula to create awareness. Awareness that will capture customers.  Their good dead will go a long way in the media and for their business.

Nice job Whole Foods!  Way to turn a bad situation into something positive.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this yesterday, and I thought the same thing - Brilliant! I love going to Whole Foods for lunch and shopping, and although I had power for most of the week, had I been without I would have spent some time at Whole Foods taking advantage of the free ice, coffee and wifi. I love their organic energy and environmental focus.