Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Game On

The war is waging between Apple and PC.  After the TV debut"teaser ad" with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Microsoft has moved on to cloning.  (Even though the Microsoft commercial with Seinfeld and Gates was a little odd and hard to relate to, Microsoft claims the ad were designed to tease a new branding effort redesigning the image of the PC).

Introducing "Pride" PC's clone to John Hodgman's PC in the MAC ads. The clone along with others including Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker proudly exclaim "I'm a PC".   

MAC spots have been a viewer favorite and the through the roof sales are evidence of that.  

PC will try and message - "Life without Walls" sharing why billions of users love the PC.  The cost for the brand rebuilding effort?  A measly little $300 million.

So who will win?  Maybe they should hold a special "presidential election" between the MAC and PC guy.  Who would you vote for?  I would think the MAC would be the democrat and the PC would be the republican, if that matters.

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