Monday, September 22, 2008

Harrison's on Third

A new bar called Harrison's on Third will be opening in Columbus soon and we've been keeping an eye on them... not because we are drunks, but because of the importance of capitalizing on a grand opening. It's crunch time for business owners to make construction decisions, handle hiring, and SO much more, that drumming up interest and creating awareness can end up on the back burner.  Harrison's on Third is not launching their website until the location opens, but they are keeping the public in the loop in a unique and smart way.  A banner outside says  to visit where you can join their e-mail list.  Emails are sent with photos of the construction, updates and the readers are given short surveys asking for preferences on wall colors, beers on tap, etc.  The goal is to give people a chance to participate in making Harrion's "your bar."  

Great job Harrison's on Third!  What a great way to get your neighbors talking and also the online community involved.  I can't wait to have one of the beers there that I voted for!


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, will you keep us up-to-date on the former-Estrada's opening. That is a grand opening that I cannot miss!

Anonymous said...

harrison's on third has changed our neighborhood forever. It felt like a piece of the community was gone when B Hampton's left. Well, they came back 10 fold as Harrison's On Third with better food and a completely new atmosphere. They kept us involved inviting our thoughts and opinions rather than ignoring them. I'll be going there for quite some time along with all of my friends.