Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple Field Trips - Education or Marketing?

After all the tag line is:  Apple Retail Store. Come to shop. Return to learn.

Students K-12 can come to the Apple store for a creative field trip.  Students can create a really cool class project or present a project at the store using their products.  Teachers can even have their class try out the Apple mobile labs.

Smart.  Get the kids in, let them "learn" on the product, and just like that, they are hooked. Great way to market to a new customer base.  Well, and teach them a little too.

All participating kids leave with a free T-shirt.  Great way to market to kids who haven't gone but see the t-shirt and now want to go.

Apple can also send out personalized field trip invitations for parents, teachers and friends. Bet they'd be happy to!   Quite an inexpensive direct marketing piece.

Looks like the old saying "An apple a day" is taking on a whole other meaning.

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