Friday, October 31, 2008

Creators of 30 Minute Infomercial

It's all over the news and everyone is talking about Obama's 30 Minute Infomercial that ran the other night.  We overhead people talking about it in Panera over coffee yesterday.

We aren't posting to show our support for one candidate over the other.  Being marketing professionals, we were very interested in finding out who the creators of the slick, strategically marketed infomercial were. 

Research found that three key players hand their hand in the creation:
  1. Jim Margolis from GMMB
  2. Mark Putnam from Murphy Putnam Media
  3. Davis Guggenheim from Hollywood - Director and Executive Producer

The two agencies put the ad format together and Guggenheim produced the human interest stories.

Both agencies are leaders in the political arena creating campaigns for many political figures, mostly democrat.  Murphy Putman has a strong political history.  GMMB has a strong political backstory as well coupled with an influential non-profit background, assisting foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The combination and strength of the two agencies resulted in a polished, humane 30 minutes. 

Regardless of your political preference, you have to admit the ad was a well-oiled machine. Maybe too oiled and polished?  We'll let you be the judge of that.

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Ali said...

Thought of you ladies last night - while trick-or-treating, we received candy attached to mini ad slicks. One in particular was marketed to mom's who needed to "treat" themselves to in-home spa services. Wonder how effective this kind of marketing is?