Friday, October 3, 2008

The Culinary Table

Our newest client, The Culinary Table is in Grandview. This new business will be opening in mid-October and will host intimate celebrations, cooking classes and showcase sophisticated floral designs. They knew what they wanted to do in the venue, had the logo and quite a few ideas. They just need some strategic marketing and PR. That's where we came in.

We started off by creating their messaging, and defined their brand - very fun stuff! This is what we created (and they loved)!

The Culinary Table
Pull up a chair

A unique blend of flavors and fragrance solely created for your memorable occasion.

A Bellisari's Company, The Culinary Table is an intimate gathering venue and hand-on cooking classroom built with old world charm and a twist of modern flair. Bellisari's Catering and Natural Designs have fused their talents creating unforgettable celebrations filled with food, flowers, family and fun.

Now we will work to create awareness through some great PR opportunities, create marketing materials and work with a designer to create their web site. Lots of fun ideas.

Keep a look out for this new unique venue at 1664 W.First Avenue, Grandview, OH 43212. We'll track our progress and keep you posted.

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