Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harrisons on Third or Hamptons on King?

Branding alert!  Beep boop bop bop.  That is the siren for unclear, easily confused brands.  It's similar to my nerd impression, but this is specifically for marketing nerds.  We have posted about these two new(ish) restaurants in town, Hamptons on King and Harrison's on Third, but never really discussed the problem here.  Obviously the names are similar, but they also happen to be within a few blocks of each other, and appeal to the same market.  But here's the kicker:  Hamptons on King used to be located where Harrison's on Third now is (previously called B. Hamptons).  AND Hamptons on King is now located where Estrada's was.   So, there are name changes, closings and openings all in one!  That will give you a hangover just reading about it!  

Anyway, it doesn't really take a marketing nerd to figure out that it's no good for business when the two names are indistinguishable.  Especially when there could be slurred speech involved.

Thoughts fellow bloggers and Columbus happy hour patrons?


Ali said...

That explains why I have been telling people that Harrison's is moving to the old Estrada's, and no one really knows what I'm talking about. I didn't even know what I was talking about.

copycat said...

Maybe Harrison's should have been more original and not coppied off of Hampton's, which has been around for years.

VicVillageDude said...

I live in the neighborhood and represent dozens of close friends and neighbors in saying that "We don't care what they call either of them". The objective is clearly to have a place to go for us. From the obvious efforts of Harrison's On Third that also appears to be their objective and they've executed it very well. We love the fact that they listened to past concerns and kept us involved when reasonable to make their location better than it ever was. "Bad for business?" Have you even been there? :) I was lastnight, on a Tuesday mind you, and it was packed. Clearly they aren't having any problems.

We love that Hampton's isn't gone for good too because the crowd was great and still is. They just didn't have the bank to turn the other place around it seems. I don't see how anyone living in the neighborhoods cares what they call them especially now that there's increased variety for all of us to jump between. My friends and I will continue to frequent both for some time to come. If saying two bars in close proximity is a bad thing maybe you've never been to an area called The Arena District. I hear all of them do quite well regardless of their shared target markets.

ResourceMarketer said...

There are a couple of issues with this posting that doesn't take a marketing nerd to understand.

1.) The names are clearly distinguishable. One is "Harrison's" and the other is "Hampton's" I suppose they do both start with an "H" though and use their street names as identifiers. Not sure if that's the point or not ?.?.

2.) With the first point removed above that leaves us with proximity, and as VicVillageDude mentioned, this one clearly only has benefits since the bar market is always shared, not owned by one.

Granted there are several people familiar with the history of these places, however, there are as many who are unfamiliar and simply know that both are great places to go currently. So, aside from riding the wave of their popularity by inducing drama to gain placement as a blog while people post... I don't really see the marketing logic supporting that either are "confused". I do know however, that as long as they remain busy as they have certainly their owners happy folks, as are we the patrons.

By the way... the new happy hour specials at Harrison's On Third voted on by the neighborhood are fantastic. I'd like to see involvement like this at Hampton's as well.