Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Business? Think Philanthropic

Yesterday we met with the manager of a new business opening in Grandview in February. The purpose of our meeting? Sure we went to network and put our word of mouth marketing skills to practice, but more importantly, to discuss some non-profit partnerships.

This business, based out of Cincinnati, has partnered with non-profit organizations in other cities near opening day. Giving back to the community, they allow one organization to hold an event in their establishment free of charge and all the food and drink for the evening is on the house.

All the non-profit needs to do is help spread the word to their constituents through an email blast, web listing, or mailing. What a great way to hold a cultivation event, or thank donors and volunteers for their support.

For the business this is smart because they are networking, meeting many people who will become customers, they are getting their business name out in the public with little or no advertising, they feel great helping a local non-profit organization.

Curious as to who we met with? A new restaurant to Columbus that has a great vibe, and everyone's favorite food. Did that clue help? If not, it begins with a D.

When you partner with a non-profit everyone wins! If you are a new or existing company that would like to connect with a non-profit organization but don't know where to begin contact columbus imPRessions at We can help!

Also check out for a listing of local non-profits that need your help now.