Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Power of a Tweet

Last night during the presidential debate I had my MacBook open to Twitter.  It was so amusing as I watched the tweets fly.  Comments on the candidates were made about everything from body language, policy positions, demeanor, and even Joe the plumber.  Watching all of this, it made me wonderful if either camp had monitors scanning all the comments to see if they could get a read on who won the debate, or if one candidate had more Twitter fans than the other.

It most likely did happen.  A growing number of companies are paying close attention to Twitter using a scanning tool, Tweetscan, to see what people are saying. Brands are paying close attention to this micro-social networking site.  If companies are doing it, I'm sure political parties are too. You only have 140 characters to speak your mind, but those characters can sway other tweeters - positively or negatively.  

Quite a few positive, negative, and hilarious comments were made last night about both candidates.  I guess we'll find out how everyone is really feeling on election day.  

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