Monday, October 6, 2008

Rays are Devils No More

Even major league baseball teams can undergo a brand change. Take the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for example. For starters, the team dropped "devil" from their name and are now the Rays. They are sporting a new logo and a new uniform color - blue (from the previous green).

Why the change? To boost fan support. Attendance has been terrible. In fact, it has been so bad they hired an old P&G brand specialist to help develop consumer touch points to increase the fun creating a ballpark experience. Now true Rays fans can meet the coaches or players before the games, get fun trinkets, and can be seen on the interactive JumboTron.

Is the new brand approach working? Well, sales are up 30% and and when the ballpark packs 30,000 or more fans the winning streak is stronger. Since the change the at home record moved up 20-2.

Looks like fabric softener branding works for baseball too!


Ali said...

Spring '07 the Buckeyes had a public scrimmage where fans could meet the players before the game. This year, for whatever reason, they didn't have the meet-n-greet before the game. I noticed a big difference in attendance. It's amazing what "touch points" can do.

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