Friday, October 17, 2008

Running the Columbus Marathon - Give Colleen Props!

Giving a shout out, some props to Colleen who is running the Columbus Half Marathon this weekend!  

I on the other hand will be rooting her on at some downtown corner.  Too bad we didn't make columbus imPRessions logo wear - a headband or shorts would have been cool - we could have had maximum brand exposure!

Maybe I'll create a banner and hold it high.  Kind of like this virtual banner.
Seriously proud of you Colleen!  Love you too! :)


Colleen said...

i knew i could turn this into a career... i wonder how much columbus imPRessions is going to pay for this sponsorship. wait, am i paying myself?

Ali said...

Colleen - are you really??? I'm so jealous. I was running 3 miles/day before I broke my ankle. My goal was to run it next year (I ran the 1/2 a couple of years ago - it was a blast). I'll be cheering you on from my couch at home - Love ya.