Friday, November 7, 2008

Bark Obama

Now that the election is over the Obama family will being preparing for their move into the White House.  With a promise by their father, the girls should enter the White House with a new dog in tow.

Speculations of what breed to choose and all types of advice are circulating the news.  We'd like to weigh in giving our advice.  Not with the type of breed but instead how to get the breed.

Iams created a cause marketing campaign that we love - Home 4 the Holidays.  'Tis the season for giving, why not give a dog through pet adoption.  Together with actress Felicity Huffman, Iams wants to save the lives of 1 million pets this holiday season.

So President-elect Obama, if you or your people see this post, consider giving your girls a dog through this worthwhile cause.  You'll enter the White House appealing to even more people, possibly winning the hearts of those that didn't vote for you.

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