Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bob Evans Moving toward the Youngins

Check out today's article in the Dispatch biz section discussing an Ohio University PR class project, in which social networking is being used to reach the younger demographic.  The students are working to create an online presence for Bob Evans, which traditionally caters to the older folks.   We can't wait to see the page when it's launched in January.   My grandpa is excited too... He said he finally found a use for the "inter web!"

The article goes on to discuss how tools like facebook and myspace allow companies to hear from and interact with customers, lead the conversations, and get on board to reach this online audience.  Very interesting stuff!  

P.S. Check out the name of the OU PR group.  Great minds really do think alike.  

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Ali said...

Yes, I had someone forward me the article with the comment, "don't you know this PR group?" They thought it was you guys!