Thursday, November 13, 2008

End of Year Giving

The holiday season is upon us.  If your non-profit hasn't made its holiday ask you still have some time.  There are some quick ways to send out your ask without the formal direct mail letter.
  1. Send an e-blast and offer a direct link to your on-line donation page.
  2. Mail a holiday card and include a small postcard detailing a desperate need and an example of how donor funds can help right now.  Add instructions to give on-line or include an envelope for remittance.
  3. Start a cause on Facebook and collect on-line donations.
Whatever way you choose, make sure you add a key messaging line about end of year giving tax benefits.  Something like . . .

"Your generous gift enables you to receive tax benefits if it is postmarked or otherwise delivered by December 31, 2008."

You'd be surprised at how many donors need that reminder.  Once they get it, they'll be making a donation.

Happy Holidays!

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