Monday, November 17, 2008

Fresh Goes Better! The Fresh Website of Bel Air. A website that Freshens Breath!

In this blogging, online day and age, typical websites are quickly losing their luster.  Sometimes all a customer needs is to look up hours, location, or check out the general services, which of course should be easy to access.  But once this is done often times there isn't a reason to go back.  Cool graphics and pictures grow old after just a visit or two these days.  

But finally, there is a way to keep info and graphics fresh, without having to be a dorkulator or bothering your graphic designer friend for help (again!).   One of our brilliant contacts has custom designed a content management system which makes it incredibly easy for anyone to maintain their own site!  These guys are wizards... and they know a good margarita, we saw it first hand at lunch on Friday.

A blog is another way for businesses to keep that fresh information coming.  It also gives consumers a chance to get to know and trust a business, other than just checking out the primary site.  And it's free!  columbus imPRessions has plenty of ideas for using social networking to your advantage.  It's basically word of mouth marketing, only online.  Check out our blog sometime!  Just goofin.  

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