Friday, November 21, 2008

Grandview Theatre to Open early January

Renovations, decoration, and plans are being made for the Grandview Theatre (formerly Drexel Grandview) to open and film fans are thrilled!  Residents are also excited about the location re-opening (the image on the right perfectly the nostalgic and charming structure), but concerned about it's longevity.  Marketing is key, as foreign and independent films are a very specific niche. Audience research and awareness are essential for success.  How do you reach the young artsy market?  How can new customers be engaged?  What is unique about Grandview Theatre and how do you capitalize on it?  Will mainstream movies be shown?  Classics?  Who is the largest competition and where do it's clients live?  How do you involved the tight-knit Grandview community? ....  And that is just a start.


Ali said...

Love that place!

Anonymous said...

Having s staff that's not a bunch of a-holes would be a great start. I think that's what ultimately did the Drexel Grandview in.

Creating a great customer experience is the foundation. Any promotional stuff is just icing on the cake.