Monday, November 10, 2008

Move Over Evite We Just Found Pingg

'Tis the season to get invited to parties.  In just the last two weeks I received an Evite to a jewelry party, a Thirty-One party and a birthday party.  I even used Evite myself to send out an Evite for a purse party I had this past weekend.  Sending an Evite is free, fun and easy.  But we just found out about another free online invitation option that offers so much more and we wanted to share.

Introducing Pingg.  Pingg is a free stylish online invite that you can personally create reaching guests via email, SMS, web, print, Twitter and Facebook.  We love the way you can customize your pingg invite uploading your personalized photos, as well as the pingg feature that allows you to display a registry of the charity of your choice so guests can make an on-line donation in lieu of gifts. Guest can RSVP and make a donation at the same time.  

Very cool.  Next time we have a party you bet we will be using Pingg.