Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Perks Program - If You're Not Shopping Giant Eagle, Why Not?

Earlier in the week I had to get gas. Because I racked up quite a bit on my Giant Eagle Advantage card and the price of gas is now finally reasonable, I got FREE gas! Very cool to see the gallons rising and the price staying at zero! On top of that, I got the new food perks point for my groceries. Because Thanksgiving is at my house this year and I had to buy so much the extra savings sure was nice!

Columbus is the test market for the Food perks program. All 24 stores are testing this perk. If central Ohio likes it, the company will roll out this program in their stores through PA, WV, MD and northeast Ohio.

I want to make sure Giant Eagle hears me - I love the Food and Fuel perks program and will continue to be a loyal Giant Eagle shopper. I also encourage everyone else to do so. Why wouldn't you? It costs nothing and you save money, lots of money!

You can even save money on gas by shopping on line at fuel perks mall.com. Check it out!

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