Monday, November 3, 2008

Stand Tall with Starbucks

Watching SNL the other night I saw a Starbucks commercial.  The commercial didn't have a voice over, or actors, just green words on what looks like a coffee sleeve and subtle music.  This simple commercial makes a BIG impact. Starbucks wants us all to care enough to vote.  Care when it's convenient and inconvenient to make our community and our country a better place.  

Starbucks wants to show they care by giving everyone who voted a free tall coffee on Election Day.  A great way to persuade people to get out and vote and to also think about making this world a better place.

You can view the commercial on their web site home page here.

Next to the commercial you will see a red plus sign.  This opens the page to the new "Do Something Good Everyday".  Currently that page displays a counter counting backwards the seconds, minutes, hours and days until November 27th when they launch Starbucks Red. Starbucks red is a campaign to help the Global Fund in Africa.

Starbucks is giving back to countries where they do business.  All a part of their Shared Planet. 

We like the direction Starbucks is taking.  They are making their philanthropic footprint.  We are proud and excited to support companies who make their philanthropic footprint and Starbucks is making a big one!

Can't wait to vote and get our free tall coffee.  Thanks Starbucks for the java and for your power of persuasion! 

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Ali said...

Saw this and thought of you guys - it's an interesting partnership between Target and People mag - but I'm a sucker - I plan on sending in my Target bags for the reusable one!