Monday, November 24, 2008

Top Restaurants in Columbus

The Columbus Dispatch just announced Columbus' Top 10 and Next Tier Restaurants (or Top 20 restaurants).  

With economy being tight going out to dinner is becoming more of a special occasion, especially at places like the Top 20.  But you still can dine at some of these fine establishments for a reasonably priced evening.  A handful of them offer coupons in direct mailers, Entertainment Books or in diner type catalogs - buy an entree get an entree of equal value free, receive a free appetizer, or $10.00 off any entree. 

These coupons possibly once overlooked definitely work now.  My husband and I collect these coupons and have visited a few of these fine establishments.  We've ended up eating at places we would have never thought of before.  The coupons are what get us in the door.  Sure, we might have saved money on the entree, but we usually end up ordering an appetizer, extra glass of wine or splurge with a dessert to split.  Not only did we end up purchasing extra items which made our bill higher, but we've come to really like most of these places and will most likely return again - without a coupon.

Some may think coupons are cheesy.  We think it's a good marketing idea.  A great way to get people in the door when other restaurants are struggling because of lower sales and less traffic. Coupons are a great way to attract new customers who will mostly likely return again.  

The Top 20 Columbus restaurants should capitalize on their recent publicity.  Now is the time of offer a coupon.  We bet their business would grow.  Heck, we'd come out to enjoy a meal.


Patrick said...

I like to eat out, but I have only been to one of those places. Here is my Top Ten..

Tip Top

Ok, top five. I can't think.

columbus imPRessions said...
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columbus imPRessions said...

We're surprised there aren't more Cameron Mitchell restaurants. Ocean Club and Marcella's are some of our favs.