Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alltop of the World

We were just notified by Alltop that our site has been selected in appear in two of their categories - marketing and non-profit.

What is Alltop?  Alltop is a site the neatly organizes and arranges "all the top" sites on the web. They like to think of themselves as a digital magazine rack because the display the headline and top 5 stories from each site.  Alltop helps drive visitors to your site.  Isn't social networking awesome!

How do you get on Alltop - Google search results, reviewing the site content and the recommendation of the Twitter community (gotta love that Twitter - that's how we found out about Alltop - thanks Chris Brogan).

We're proud to display our Alltop Banner (right column).  In fact, we're Alltop of the World!

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