Monday, December 15, 2008

Did you Get Your Newsies Paper on Saturday?

Saturday morning, while stopping for a red light on Old 315 at the bottom of Worthington Hills, a man in a white jumpsuit came up to my car window.  Charity Newsies was again selling their special edition newspaper for charity.  I happily rolled down the window to give a donation for my paper.  

It wasn't until later that night that I actually had the opportunity to read the paper.  I was fascinated by the history and story of the organization.  I've lived in Columbus for over 20 years, bought many Charity Newsies papers but never really knew the story behind this 102 year old charity.

What is the story behind Charity Newsies?  

According to the paper, it was a cold day in December 1907 when a young newspaper carrier with ragged clothes was trying to sell papers on the corner of Broad and High.  Inside a restaurant three men came to his aid, taking him inside to warm up. The men then took the papers and sold them saying it was for charity.  They sold every paper and gave the money to the boy so he could buy himself some warm clothes.  From that, an idea was born.  That same year before Christmas 50 business men took to the streets with a special edition paper to sell for charity.  They raised about $700.00 (quite a bit back then) and used 100% to buy clothing for school children in need.

From that day forward and over 100 years later, Charity Newsies still takes it to the streets during the holiday season, every second Saturday in December, to give 100% of the proceeds to buy clothing for Franklin county school children in need.

I was fascinated by the history and very glad I gave, and will continue to give to such a wonderful organization.  Click here to learn more about Charity Newsies.

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