Monday, December 8, 2008

Face on the Frito-Lay Bags

This weekend when grocery shopping I grabbed a bag of Doritos and placed it in my shopping cart. It wasn't until I placed the bag on the checkout counter that I noticed the face on the bag.  At first I thought it was another type of milk carton ad for missing children but when I looked closer I noticed it was a cause marketing partnership between Frito Lays and

Dorito bags will feature 17 "do good" stories of people under 25 years old who did something charitable to make a positive difference.  This type of marketing will engage the consumer with their brand at least that is what they are hoping.

It works.  Partnering with is a wonderful organization.  They empower teenagers and help them come up with ways to make a positive difference.  Teenagers love Doritos.  What a great way to push product and create awareness for a great cause.  A win-win cause marketing partnership.

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