Friday, December 12, 2008

For Those About to Rock . . . Go To Walmart

Wal-mart has the exclusive rights to sell AC/DC's new album, Black Ice.  They did the same exclusive promotion with the Eagles, and Journey.  Bands that were good "back in my day" (now I sound like my parents) seem to be making a come back, and a successful one at that, with Wal-Mart.   

Wonder why?  Are they magic?

Probably not magic.  
  • Maybe it's because with the exclusive promotion customers receive a price much lower than the standard new release price.
  • Maybe it's because the bands see it as a good business decision and Wal-mart sees it as a smart business model - lucrative for both parties.
  • Maybe it's because the Wal-mart brand and the Classic Rock bands share the same target audience.  
  • Maybe it's because even though the bands are going with one exclusive retailer they are getting more marketing and promotion with Wal-mart than they would through a record label.
Whatever the reason it's proving to be a good formula.  Bands of my day are being revived and with the chart-topping results I can only bet more will be signing up with Wal-mart soon.