Monday, December 8, 2008

Great Holiday Event brings German Village Publicity!

The husband and I were experiencing the early stages of cabin fever yesterday and decided to get out and do something festive.  We ended up going back in time to Germany in the 18oos, where we walked down snowy cobblestone streets with glowing luminaries,  heard Christmas carolers, and stopped into some of the small businesses who offered warm cider, wine and cookies.  Seriously, who knew this kind of merriment still existed?!  Well, it did at the Annual "Village Lights...Shop, Dine & Stroll," which took place in German Village on Sunday December 7th. 

Although reading the cheesy description I just wrote almost made me nauseous, last night it was absolutely perfect.  Getting off the couch, away from the tv & newspaper where all you hear is "economy crisis, layoffs, and bailout plans" was just what we needed.   The recession was actually the perfect reason to attend this free event and spend a few bucks at these independently owned businesses.  So, way to go German Village business community! I know I will be back again soon for dinner, drinks and more shopping.  (And way to go Adam for taking your wife out for a romantic holiday evening.)