Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MonaVie- thoughts?

Do any of our readers out there have an opinion on the popular and intriguing juice product, MonaVie? We just don't know what to think with some claiming it's a scam and others raving about the benefits of acai.  

What I have noticed, is that the simple bottle design, availability through individual distributors, and expensive price seem to be working well for the product.  When my husband's "dealer" (: moved away, I was thrilled to find out over thanksgiving that a relative was selling it.   I do like the taste although I just don't know how much I believe the hype.  

Here is why it works for me personally:  I start with a shot in the morning and experience that satisfaction of starting the day off right.  I take a little bit of a longer walk in the morning and try to make healthy choices the rest of the day.  So, essentially, that expensive drink of MonaVie somehow keeps me conscious of my choices, and in the end, I truly do feel better.   But is it the drink or the rest of the choices?  

Any thoughts, opinions, experiences?...


Doug C said...

Hi Michele

Your blog posting came up in my daily MonaVie Google News Alerts. I'm moved to respond because yours is one of the first sensitive impressions of MonaVie I have read. Plus I really like the music on your blog page!
My wife and I are MonaVie distributors on Team MonaVie, which is very active across North America. We love the product, and like you we believe it works best when integrated into a healthy lifestyle and consciousness.
To cut to the quick and answer your question: it's the drink AND the rest of the choices. The body's cells absorb the MonaVie, the antioxidants driving out the free radicals, like a dying man in the desert soaks up water. You feel good, and so you make more healthy choices to help your body and mind keep feeling better. It all goes together.
We're trying to cultivate an abundance mentality through our MonaVie distributorship and other actions in our lives. There is so much negativity out there, so much scarcity thinking, and we have found a vehicle to help us turn scarcity into abundance, not just in our own lives but in the lives of people all over the world, from the streets and jungles of Brazil to the charities in our own community.
In short, don't believe the hype. Any of it. Just believe what it's doing for you, and write your own story based on that. A thinking person should do no more, or less.

columbus imPRessions said...

Thanks Doug for your comment! Very informative and we agree it all goes together! Here's to a happy, healthy new year!