Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PepsiMax Controversial Ads

Not quite sure what Pepsi is trying to do with its new print ad campaign created by BBDO Dusseldorf, but WOW!  I have to admit, I'm taken aback by these ads and I consider myself to be pretty open to all types of advertising.  

Not too sure about the one calorie character committing suicide though. And people thought the Motrin baby commercial was bad. I'd much rather take that one over the PepsiMax ad any day. We won't post the photos but you can read the article and see the ads here.

Let us know your thoughts - did PepsiMax take this campaign a bit too far?

From the remarks on various message boards I think Pepsi might need to do some damage control on this one.  Maybe a little crisis communication. Although if they wanted people talking they sure got their wish.

I say bring back the head bobbing "What is Love" commercial - yes it works best for TV but at this point, I think it would work better in print than the new direction they are going.

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Ali said...

Yes, I am a Coke girl, through and through. This PepsiMax stuff is obnoxious. Shame on them.