Friday, December 19, 2008

To Michele the Social Networker (from Colleen)

Just wanted to take a moment to a) apologize for forgetting to post on the columbus imPRessions blog, not that anyone noticed.  and b) point out how amazing Michele (Scumleg as I call her) is at building our network online.  It takes a lot of work and maintenance from our facebook page, to twitter, to keeping this site interesting (besides posts, its music, blog catalogues, looking for Alaskans, etc). 

Anyway, cheers to Michele, I am so grateful to have you as a friend and business partner.  Looking forward to 2009! (In which I will be better about creating interesting posts and other online wizardry)  

1 comment:

Michele said...

That was so awesome. I love a post directed just to me!

You know I love social networking and don't mind doing it at all.

You, my friend are a wizard in your own right and I rely heavily upon you too.

We make a good team. That's why more people need to hire us. They'll find we do a great job and are very fun to be around.

Love you too. :)