Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 NonProfit Marketing Ideas

A new year is here. A time for change, new beginnings, re-organization. New marketing ideas.

It's now more than ever that nonprofits need a strong marketing and PR strategy to stand out above the rest and capture the public's attention. There is a way to do just that and it doesn't have to cost much. You just need to be willing to think beyond the box, dive into social media, and come up with multi-media campaigns that simultaneously attract more individuals for a greater ROI.

Need an example: OK, here's one - a multi-media campaign idea. In our past life we worked for the local chapter of a very well known nonprofit organization. It was summer of '07 and we were preparing for our next fiscal year which would start in September. The regions were struggling to make budget and something was needed to create buzz and excitement in the organization. So Colleen and I put our creativity to work. We needed a call to action with a hook and excitement. During our brainstorming, we realized our chapter would be celebrating its 25th anniversary. We had it - buzz, excitement and a call to action!

A multi-media campaign was born inviting everyone to "become a part of the celebration" giving them a handful of calls to action in which they could do that. The messaging, and branding became the center for every facet of the organization - volunteer, outreach, program, development/fundraising, and of course, marketing and PR. Various targeted and strategic marketing pieces were delivered through Internet, social networking, PR, mailings, email, word of mouth, and events all simultaneously so various groups were hearing the same message but in a variety of ways.

Success! So successful, the chapter continued the campaign after our departure using the exact same strategy, messaging and branding we created. In fact, they are still using the campaign, well past the 25th anniversary mark. However, we would have recommended concluding the campaign when the 25th anniversary truly came to an end in September '08. Continuing something passed its point can be misleading or become tiresome.

All of this is easy, achievable. affordable and fun. Need assistance? columbus imPRessions can help. Just email us at

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