Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Email Marketing: Effective & Inexpensive (can be, anyway)

columbus imPRessions often brags about our effective "multi-media" approach to PR & Marketing, and there really is more to this than the fancy lingo.  It's a well-thought out outreach plan targeting different audiences through a combination of traditional media (newspapers, etc), blogs, social networking, marketing pieces, mailings, and e-mail.   We always seem to have success with email campaigns, but have found that there are several secrets to success.  They may seem like obvious guidelines, but they can honestly make or break an email campaign.  

Okay, some will no longer be "secrets" to success.... 

  • Short and simple:  Do not include too much info in an e-newsletter.  People receive a lot of emails, so the key is to grab attention and supply readers with an easy call to action (without sounding too gimmicky).
  • Not too often:  We recommend keeping it to 1 or 2 emails a month.  Otherwise you will end up blocked, and potential customers will be annoyed by you.  
  • Keep collecting emails and segment them.  This will allow you to send targeted emails to corporations, teens, moms, brides, non-profits, etc.    
An email campaign is a great tool, but requires time and energy.  

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