Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Know Any Brides? ....

Isn't it amazing how so many in the online world "check out" for the holidays... blog hits are down, emails slow, and you hear a lot of "we'll look into that after the 1st of the year."  It is truly wonderful that some take time to focus on non-virtual friends and family, but I also want to make sure none of our readers missed the announcement about... the Sample Sale at La Jeune Mariee this weekend!

So many  engagements happen  between Thanksgiving and New Years (why is that, dudes?) and the 40 - 60% discounts on designer gowns should not be missed by any those new brides to be!  I won't even mention terms like "brides on a budget" or "recessionista",  as so many (including the media) are inundated with these "econonowns." (I clearly just made that one up).  But see our La Jeune Mariee Dispatch mention on Jan. 1 -fashion reporter Kristy Eckert explains this trend and mentions the sale at our favorite Worthington boutique.

Even if you are not a bride, doesn't everyone love to give useful advice when it comes to weddings, or is it just the ladies who are reminiscing their own wedding planning days? Anyway,  hurry and send this link to any brides you know- they'll be so happy you may be invited to be in the wedding party....  http://www.LaJeuneMariee.com/samplesale

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