Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bell's Event at DeepWood...(should be called DeepGood!)

While wasting some time on facebook last week, I heard about an event that sparked my interest. A dude I barely know updated his status saying that he was going to a Bell's Tasting at DeepWood, so I checked the DeepWood website, called and got a reservation (thanks to someone who had cancelled).  I had always wanted to try the new restaurant and I was already a fan of Bell's beer so I was sold when I checked out the incredible menu and beer pairings, I was sold.

The overall experience was amazing, relaxing, educational, and deliciously unforgettable.  Their saleswoman described each type of beer while the chef explained some of the more exotic entrees and we listened, learned, ate, drank, and smiled.  But of course I was curious about the marketing approach.  I think it was the Bell's distributor that I cornered and interrogated ... it turns out the event was put on by the DeepWood owner, who asked Bells to be involved.   Apparently it took a few flyers in the area and the event was sold out.  They will be having a similar tasting every month.  After it was said and done, Bell's had some new loyal fans and a whole new group of yuppies had experienced what DeepWood had to offer.  I am sure I'm not the only one who is still talking about what a great evening it was.  (Did I just call myself a yuppy?)

I also found it interesting that I "heard" about this event on facebook through a random status update. It made it feel more like a discovery since there was virtually no advertising and I wasted no time trying to get in the door.  Everyone seems to be wondering how to use facebook for promotional purposes and I think I found the answer... very subtly.  

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