Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great News From Baby The Planet Expo

A few weeks back we were contacted through Twitter by one of our followers, Baby The Planet Expo.  They needed assistance with media awareness for their upcoming Expo in May and were taking RFP's from various PR groups.  They asked if we would consider submitting an RFP for the job and we jumped at the chance! 

This evening we heard from Baby The Planet Expo.  We are excited to announce that columbus imPRessions was chosen as the PR agency for the job!  We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible event and are anxious to start working on the project.

Be on the lookout for info and posts on Baby The Planet Expo.  Click here for details on the event, for exhibitor and sponsorship info.  There is still time to get involved.


Ali said...

So happy for you ladies! I heart twitter. Non-twitter users always seem confused when I try to explain twitter to them, but if only people realized how well twitter connects people. Thanks for introducing me to it months ago!

columbus imPRessions said...

Thanks Ali! You actually came to mind with this. If we sent you some info on Baby The Planet Expo could you help spread the word in your social networking circles? This green expo is targeting moms and children. Definitely your thing! What do you think?

BTW, Twitter is pretty awesome!!