Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Local Charity Changes it's Name

The non-profit organization formerly known as Adventures for Wish Kids has undergone a name change to 'A Kid Again.'   Along with this change, they have launched a new website and we have noticed several billboards  and mentions in the media about their new image.  The President explains that the change was necessary in order to expand their reach, and we think that it has come at a great time, as many non-profits could use some exposure right now.  

Also wanted to mention what a great time this is for a business to partner with the organization, while it is getting so much attention.  We think Kidslinked and A Kid Again would be a great fit for each other.    They are both experiencing a lot of growth right now and have similar audiences.   So many opportunities... a Kidslinked event that benefits A Kid Again? Reciprocal web links?  Mentions on each others newsletters? PR opportunities?

There is more where that came from.  Cause marketing is our specialty.  


Anonymous said...

I read they had to change the name because Make-A-Wish gave them a cease and desist.

A Kid Again (Adventures of Wish Kids) took the high road and changed the name to avoid conflict, and probably because they are the ones with the kids best interest at heart.

A Kid Again = Classy, Make-A-Wish = Bully.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where anonymous gets their information but it seems like someone has an ax to grind or sour grapes.

It is never good business practice to talk negatively about charities. Both A Kid Again and Make-A-Wish are serving kids and families during a difficult time. As PR professionals, Columbus imPRessions should know better than to allow such catty postings on your blog site. Shame on you!

columbus imPRessions said...

Our site visitors always have the freedom to express their personal opinion. We appreciate comments from all our site visitors - anonymous or identified.

Anyone can see from our numerous postings that columbus imPRessions supports and brings positive attention to many nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

Both organizations Sus, I mean Anonymous #2, mentioned are wonderful for the work they do for the children.

Our posting's purpose brings positive attention to A Kid Again and creates awareness for their new name. We want people to know they are still the same great wish organization with a VERY HIGH percentage of donations going DIRECTLY BACK into the program.

Anonymous said...

No ax, just facts according to Columbus CEO, February 2009.


Ali said...

What would a blog be without the occasional discussion and debate between its readers?!
Thank you, CI, for making your stance clear. It always cracks me up when people get all riled up but then fail to identify themselves.
Let's be proud of our opinions and ideas - whether or not they are with or against the majority.
We can't all be expected to agree (how boring would that be?), but we can all stand true to who we are (can you tell I'm a School Counselor?).