Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whatever Happened to Myspace?

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As a typical 28-year-old consumer, it is fascinating to take a step back and look at the overall social networking trends the past few years.  I personally started with myspace, the gateway drug which led me to facebook, and am now dabbling in twitter.  It's hard to remember the days when people used to "poke" eachother on facebook- back when it was just for college students (okay, so this may have been just after I graduated).  

Myspace seems to have found its niche in the music scene where artists can upload and promote their own music (check out local band Super Desserts!), or express their influences through public playlists, or people like myself have found an easy way to check out the new Lily Allen song before making an impulse buy on itunes. 

As a consumer, I would like to have all of these applications available in one place.  I wonder if facebook will jump on the music bandwagon.  Maybe I'm a lazy sellout, but I hope so.  

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