Monday, February 9, 2009

Would You Like Cream With Your Coffee? Ice Cream That Is.

A co-branding deal has been struck between Tim Horton's Coffee and Cold Stone Creamery. The co-branding test in Rhode Island passed, so by this spring 50 stores in each chain will feature items from each establishment.  So now, you'll be able to get coffee in the a.m. and ice cream in the p.m at one location.  Could be a smart move since Tim Horton's is practically empty after lunch and Cold Stone rarely sees a steady stream of customers before evening.

This weekend the first central Ohio co-branded location opened on the South Campus Gateway with a few more locations expected to come later this year.

We can't wait to see the coffee and ice cream concoctions they will be coming up with.  We see unique coffee shakes, like cake batter cappuccino or ice cream mix-ins, like joltin' java and jelly donut in the near future.


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