Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol Trading Cards

Just like baseball cards, American Idol fans can soon collect American Idol trading cards. That's right, a five pack of cards will be popping up in stores beginning April 21st.   One hundred and thirty eight cards in all and some of the selections will include:
  • Autographed cards from the past season contestants
  • Makeover cards with before and after shots
  • Fan Favorites
  • Almost An Idol Cards
Apparently, they wanted to create something that was interactive with their brand and the fans. Actually I'm surprised by the old-fashioned approach.  Idol is supposed to be the trend-setter, shaping the times.  This seems too much of a throwback to me.  I'm surprised they didn't come up with a more viral and social media approach to enhance the brand and create fan interaction.  Instead, why didn't they create virtual trading cards and plaster them all over Facebook, Twitter and Ning and have fans campaign and vote for their favorites. 

Anyway, check out Randy and Paula's mug shots, I mean trading cards.

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