Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Benihana Columbus Now Open

Just came back from my walk with the dog and picked up the mail.  Nothing but a bunch of junk except for the Benihana postcard.  The restaurant is now open at Polaris Fashion Place.  Our family information must have been included in their market research so we received a post card. The card let's us know they are open and also gives us a special promotional offer.  If we buy three entrees before April 23rd we receive one complimentary entree.  Good deal.  

Good deal for Benihana too.  We will definitely use the offer so for one free meal they are getting three paying meals.  Also, Benihana used the card to draw recipients to their web site building up unique visitors.  In order to get the free meal you have to go to their site (looks to be a hidden page) and print out the certificate.  To get the certificate we had to input our contact info and email.

Looks like more Benihana marketing will come our way.  Hey, at least we get a free meal out of it!

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