Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Business Helping Business

The other week I was introduced to Business Helping Business.  A very cool grassroots concept, website and daily eblast that works to bring businesses together, large or small, in cooperation rather than competition. In these economic times we all need to pull together to survive and succeed and this movement works to do just that.

How do you join the movement?  Go to the website and subscribe to the daily email.  You will soon start receiving a list of Needs and Haves.  This email is compiled from people all over the world who either need assistance or have something to offer.  You can give to the greater good with no strings attached, search for a need, barter, and who knows you might even make a few dollars down the road.  

If you want to list a Need or Have just visit the Business Helping Business website.  Last week I submitted a Have.  I listed the In-Kind Connection - my complimentary site that helps connect donors and non-profits with procurement items or awareness.  Within a couple days my Have was listed on the eblast and I immediately heard from a handful of companies and non-profits looking for assistance in making a connection.  I'm happy to report that a connection was made and a company who has some extra product will be donating it for a goody bag!  Success!

What goes around comes around, so why not throw a little good karma out there.  Sign up for the Business Helping Business eblast.  It will come back threefold!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the kind words. We're so glad your were able to make a connection on BusinessHelpingBusiness.com.