Sunday, March 15, 2009

Did This SNL Spoof Actually Increase Yogurt Sales?

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Sure the spoof is not an ad. But SNL's skit, featuring Kristen Wiig, has copied some of the ad's lines verbatim. Imitation is flattery and in this case, profitable.  Since the series of spoofs, Activia yogurt has continued to fly off grocery store shelves and profits continue to grow.

Perhaps SNL is creating product awareness to a untapped target market, or because the skit is just so darn funny people remember it and pay more attention when they see the actual commercial.  Or maybe because of the laughter created by the spoof, the product now drums up positive feelings and they want to buy it.

Whatever the reason may be, I hope SNL continues this series of spoofs.  Kristen Wiig make a hilarious Jamie Lee Curtis!

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